Happy birthday Zagreb 

Commercial, 2019

A love letter to my hometown

When Plan 9 Production presented me with an opportunity to write a love letter to my hometown, I dived in heart first. Since this was a birthday present to the people of Zagreb, we needed to make everything feel genuine - from locations, to supporting cast, costumes including even - mise en scenes. 

Puzzling all the shots together in a seamless transition of shots that fit perfectly with one another required super precise timing on set. 


client CITY OF ZAGREB production house PLAN 9 producer SIMUN KULIS dancer SIMUN STANKOV director of photography ALJOSA KORENCAN production design IRJA SIPUS & IVA CURKOVIC copywriter IVAN CADEZ makeup&hair KARLA LAZIC 1st ad DORA PRPIC editor&colorist TOMISLAV STOJANOVIC sound design FRANO HOMEN vfx DRAZEN ZELJKOVIC photography ZVONIMIR MIHALJEK

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